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through feedback.

Daylight allows you to reach your goals and unlock your potential through feedback and coaching from experts
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Why Daylight?

1. Overcome plateaus
2. Reach your goals more quickly
3. Personalized training
4. Accountability from a coach

At Daylight, we believe that the best way to excel is through feedback and personalized guidance. Whether you’re looking to hit a personal record, learn a new skill, or live a healthier lifestyle, identifying areas of improvement and creating a plan to overcome them will lead to greater results. Our video analysis platform allows experts to show you exactly what you need to be doing to reach your goals.

It used to take a lot of money and connections to get individualized coaching from top experts. We have assembled and vetted top coaches to share their expertise and help you reach your potential at a fraction of the price.

How It Works

Connect with a coach on Daylight
Get detailed video feedback on your technique
Get personalized recommendations on 
how to improve

What You'll Get

Frame by frame analysis of your form, technique and strategy with voiceover and annotation
Individualized recommendations on how to improve
Access to an expert coach to ask any questions you may have